Electrical Testing Services Bristol - PAT and Alarm Testing

Electrical Testing


Our expert engineers have extensive knowledge and experience of electrical testing and certification.

As regulations and legal requirements are constantly changing, we continuously invest in on-going training and the latest software and test equipment to allow us to provide the most cost effective options for your inspection and testing requirements and can offer:

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

These are often known or referred to as home buyer's surveys or landlord reports. We have extensive knowledge and experience of carrying out fixed wiring tests and the associated certification and frequently test everything from a single domestic property up to commercial installations with many dozens of distribution boards. To find out more about these reports, visit our EIRC Explained Page.

Allied EICR Costs

On average a Domestic Electrical Condition Report for a typical three bedroom property will be around £180 plus VAT and will take around five hours to complete.  As a general rule of thumb, it works out around £15-£20 plus VAT per circuit tested. Call us now on BRISTOL: 0117 303 9000 or BATH: 01225 683 056 to find out more.

How Often Should An Electrical Condition Report Be Carried Out?

The institute of Electrical Engineers recommends these as the maximum time frames between inspections and testing

  • 10 years for a domestic property
  • 5 years for a home that is rented out
  • 5 years in educational establishments
  • 3 years in leisure complexes (excluding swimming pools, these should be tested annually)

A full electrical inspected should also be undertaken when a property is being prepared for letting or when selling or buying a property. Following an inspection, we can then issue an electrical condition report detailing any non-compliances with current regulations.

Fire Alarm And Emergency Light Testing

We specialise in the installation, testing and on-going maintenance of fire alarm & emergency lighting in letted properties and are fully conversant with local HMO requirements. In addition to key holding services offered to our customers, 24hr call out is available to our account customers. We also provide our testing and maintenance services for commercial and domestic properties.

Legal Responsibilities For Landlords and Letting Agents

As a Landlord or Letting Agent, you must ensure that a smoke alarm is fitted on every story of your residence. In addition to this, a carbon monoxide alarm must be fitted in every room with a solid fuel burning appliance – these appliances must be tested and working before the start of any new tenancy.

Legal Responsibilities For Fire Safety In The Workplace

All workplaces should have arrangements for detecting fire. Consideration must be given to any part of the workplace where a fire could spread without being detected – for example a basement or room that is not often in use. You may need different types of detectors depending on the function of the building, for more information on fire safety responsibilities, see the GOV.UK website  

Fire Alarms In The Home

A working fire alarm in your home can save lives - we recommend having a smoke alarm installed on each floor of your home. To ensure it is working properly, you should test the alarm once a week and change the battery once a year. If your smoke alarm is over 10 years old – we recommend replacing the whole unit.

PAT Or Portable Appliance Testing

Using the latest super fast battery powered Seaward PAT testers we can offer cost effective PAT testing for all requirements from public performance artists requiring band equipment to certified, landlords/let properties, commercial and office environments.

How Often Does Portable Equipment Need To Be Tested?

Whilst there are no set legal requirements around how often PAT should be carried out, Landlords, Letting Agents, Employers and other Premises Owners must ensure that the electrical equipment they supply is safe – and can be penalized if an injury occurs. To ensure compliance and reduce the risk of injury, we recommend carrying out testing on all your appliances on an annual basis.

Stay Safe and Compliant With Allied Electrical Services

Whether you are the owner of a single rented residential property, or the competent person for a large workplace office – you have legal responsibilities for the safety of your tenant and employees. We are NCIEC approved contractors and have been providing our services for over 25 years, give us a call on 0117 303 9000 or fill out a contact form and we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote.