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Fusebox / Fuseboard Replacement

Your fuseboard is the unsung hero of your home. With all the electricity channelling through it, it is responsible for the safe distribution of electricity around your home.

In the event of an electric problem such as a surge, a modern fuseboard will switch off the affected circuit and prevent electrical shock or fire.

At Allied Electrical, we supply, fit, install and repair fuseboards all over Bristol and Bath. All our fuseboard upgrades include a transferable five-year guarantee plus the NICEICs Platinum Promise six-year insurance backed warranty. Call us today on Bristol: 0117 303 9000 Bath: 01225 683 056 for more information.

Signs That You Need a Fuseboard Replacement

Outdated fuseboards are less effective at protecting from electrical faults, making them very dangerous.  Here are a few signs that you should have your fuseboard inspected or replaced:

  • Your fuseboard is more than 20 years old.
  • Your fuseboard is not fitted with an RCD (residual current device).
  • There are blanking plates or fuseholders missing, leaving live parts exposed.
  • Your fuseboard is constructed of wood or plastic – this is a huge fire risk and should be acted upon.
  • If your fuses keep blowing, it could be a sign that your fuseboard isn’t modern enough to handle your electricity usage.
  • If you notice any burned connections or corrosion within your fuseboard, you should contact an electrician to inspect it.

Fuseboard Replacement Process

Allied Electrical provide a fast, reliable and efficient fuseboard replacement service:

  1. We’ll visit your home free of charge to survey your existing fuseboard and inspect the wiring in your home to see if it will accept a new fuseboard. We’ll then be able to tell you whether a replacement is advised.
  2. We’ll talk you through your options based on your needs and preferences.
  3. We’ll then provide you with a fully itemised quote. Once accepted, we’ll arrange a convenient time to carry out the work.
  4. Following completion of the work, we’ll issue you with an invoice and all relevant certification.

Why Choose Allied Electrical?

Here are just a few of the benefits you get from choosing Allied Electrical for your EV charging point:

  • We’re local – With established offices in both Bristol and Bath.
  • We’re fully qualified – As NICEIC electricians, all our fuseboards are backed by NICEIC’s platinum promise six-year warranty.
  • We’re experienced – With working knowledge of all leading makes and models of the fuseboard.
  • We’re efficient – We can have your brand-new fuseboard installed in under a day.
  • We’re trusted Which? Trusted Traders with a strong reputation in the area, check out some of our reviews below.

Fuseboard FAQs

How long does the work take?

Including testing, replacing a fuseboard can take two thirds to a full day - we recommend a full day in order to account for any unforeseen circumstances during fitting.

What is an RCD?

An RCD (residual current device) is a life-saving device that protects you from electrical shocks. It works by switching off the electricity in the event of an electrical fault.

How do I test the RCD in my fuseboard?

Testing your RCD is quick and easy; check out our trip testing your RCD at home tutorial or watch the short video below.

How often should I test my RCD?

We recommend testing your RCD at least once every 6 months.

My fuseboard has circuit breakers; don’t they do the same thing?

Yes, but not to anywhere near the same level of efficiency. If an RCD detects a fault, it will have the power off within a maximum of 0.4 seconds. In older fuseboards, a circuit breaker can take up to 5 seconds to switch the power off.

Your Local, Friendly Electrical

If you’re concerned about the condition of your fuseboard, we can help. We are trusted, local electricians operating in Bristol and Bath for over 20 years. Give us a call today on Bristol: 0117 303 9000 Bath: 01225 683 056 to book in for your initial visual inspection. Alternatively, fill out a contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

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