At Allied Electrical, we’ve been explaining the efficiency of LED lights over traditional bulbs to our customers for many years – with LEDs offering lower running costs, a smaller carbon footprint and longer bulb life to name a few.

Now, halogen light bulbs will become a thing of the past – with the final phase of EU energy regulations coming into force on 1st September 2018, a move that banned halogen light bulbs from the sale.

Find out more about the ban, what it means for customers and retailers, and the benefits of LED lighting over traditional bulbs including halogen, fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent.

Why are Halogen Lightbulbs Being Banned?

The EU first set out to ban halogen light bulbs in 2016 under two directives (EC 244/2009 and EC 1194/2012) – these directives were set in place to progressively phase out less efficient light sources and cut down on CO2 emissions; the first type of light bulb banned under the directive was incandescent models.

Whilst there was some initial speculation, Britain’s planned departure from the EU had no impact on the ban, with the UK Government following this piece of EU legislation through.

How Will the Ban Impact Me?

Whilst the deadline for the ban was 1st September 2018, retailers and consumers are unlikely to see any real immediate effects – here’s how the ban will impact:

Retailers: If you’re a retailer that sells halogen light bulbs, you will no longer be able to sell the new stock of halogen bulbs. However, his doesn’t mean you will be required to dump all your existing stock. Under the legislation, retailers are allowed to sell through any of their existing stock of halogen bulbs – they just won’t be able to buy any more.

Consumers: Other than seeing halogen lightbulbs slowly disappear from shelves, the ban will not have a profound impact on consumers and you will not be required to switch out any current halogen lighting installations. Unless you particularly favour halogen light bulbs and want to stockpile more, we recommend gradually making the switchover to LED as your existing bulbs expire.

What Are the Key Benefits of LED Over Traditional Lightbulbs

Whilst many cite the higher initial cost of LEDs as a drawback, this is one of the only initial negatives of the bulbs – in comparison to halogen light bulbs, an LED offers:

  • Longer life – lasting over 20 times longer than halogen bulbs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – not only do LEDs produce up to five times less CO2 than halogen bulbs – but their longer lifespan means less goes to landfill.
  • Cost saving – With the factors above considered, it’s estimated by the Energy Saving Trust that the switch to LED can save up to £9 per bulb, per year in running costs alone.
  • Lower maintenance costs – the longer lifespan means you’ll be changing or paying to have your bulbs changed less often.
  • Increased durability – making them a favourable choice over halogen bulbs where vibrations are present such as in a warehouse, food processing plant or construction site.
  • Instant power-up – if you’re fed up of waiting for your bulbs to slowly light up, you’ll welcome the instant power up that LEDs offer.
  • Cold light – Unlike other bulbs, LEDs produce ‘cold light’ meaning they don’t get hot in use, this reduces the risk of burns and fires – making the bulb a safer option.

How Do I Switch My Halogen Lights to LEDs?

Switching light bulbs over is a task that can be carried out at home, we do recommend that you only attempt this if you have experience and confidence working with electrics. If you get stuck or the installation stops working after the change – call a professional electrician.

Below you will find a video tutorial from our MD, Nick Smith – running through the process of switching a halogen bulb to an LED one.

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