Installing an EV Charging Point in your home

Electric vehicle usage is on the rise, with around 130,000 electric cars and vehicles on the roads in the UK. With lower running costs, government grants and tax breaks and a reduced carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that drivers across the UK are making the switch to electric.

There are numerous nationwide installers who have been set up purely to take advantage of the ever increasing sales of electric vehicles and the resulting need for the installation of EV chargepoints. Whilst this is great for the headline installation price, service can be an issue in the event of a fault developing with your chargepoint.

Choosing a reputable local installer who cares about service, installation standards and reputation can pay dividends should a problem occur. At Allied Electrical we are EV chargepoint installers and being approved by most manufacturers can provide a full repair service.

Fully Qualified OZEV Installers in Bristol

As fully qualified and registered OZEV installers we can install your electric vehicle charging point from as little as £895. Call now on 0117 303 9000 for more information.

We offer a full service with a quick turnaround from initial quotation to installation. Being long term electric vehicle owners as well as being approved installers for most of the mainstream chargepoint manufacturers means we can provide honest and unbiased advice regarding real world use and the pro’s and con’s of particular brands and models of chargepoints. All of our quotes are free and include an onsite visit to discuss and tailor the quote to your particular requirements.

Why Use Allied Electrical?

  • Local – With an established team on hand, we’re just a phone call away for customers in Bristol and Bath
  • Fully qualified electricians – Unlike many dedicated EV charging point installation companies, we’re fully qualified electricians – meaning we can handle any further electrical work that may need to be completed in order to install it correctly.
  • Registered under the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme – Meaning we can competently carry out the work and allow you to take advantage of the Governments WCS scheme.
  • Fully trained – We are trained and approved installers for most of the major chargepoint manufacturers.
  • Efficient – Following an initial visit, we can usually have the charging point installed in a couple of hours.
  • Trusted – NICEIC registered for over 25 years with a strong reputation in the area, we are also Which? Trusted Traders, why not read some of our reviews here

EV Charing FAQ's

What’s The Cost Of An Electric Car Charger?

Prices vary between the makes and models but start from around £895. Following an initial conversation and visit, we will recommend a charger based on your budget and requirements.

What Happens If I Change My Car To A Newer Model That Needs A Higher Amperage Charger?

EV Chargepoints are typically available in both 16Amp and 32Amp versions. Even if you’re running a PHEV or hybrid type vehicle that only needs 16Amps then it can still be charged using the larger 32Amp chargepoint. The increase in cost for the 32Amp version over the 16Amp is usually minimal and will help to futureproof your chargepoint so that in the event that you choose to buy a fully electric vehicle in future, your existing chargepoint will still be right for the job.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge?

This depends on the car as well as the make, model and amperage of the charging point. Overnight charging is a common misconception, and most vehicles can fully recharge between 1 and 4 hours with the correct charging point.

How Much Does Charging At Home Cost?

A full charge is likely to cost you £3 – £5 in electricity – this will depend on your electricity tariff, vehicle and the time of day.

Where Is The Charging Point Installed?

Following an initial call or site visit, we will be able to recommend the best location for your charging point. Most customers opt for an exterior charging point, to charge their car when on the driveway. The charging point can also be fitted inside a garage.

Can The Charging Point Be Tampered With?

No, not without some serious effort. The charger locks into the vehicle meaning it cannot be tampered with during operation.

The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme

We are fully registered and qualified to install electric vehicle charging points under the workplace charging scheme – offering businesses up to £300 off per electric vehicle charging socket to a maximum of 20.

In order for your business to be eligible, you must have off street parking and have the charging station installed by an OLEV-approved workplace charging station installer like us.

Your Local, Friendly Electrician in Bristol

Ready to have an electric vehicle charging point installed in your home? If you have any questions or want to arrange your free home visit, give one of our expert team a call on 0117 303 9000 or fill out a contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

We’re fully OLEV accredited and approved EV charging point installers meaning we are trained and qualified to carry out the installation in line with the IET code of practice for EV charging.