Rewiring your house

Is your home in need of rewiring? Here at Allied Electrical we have over 25 years experience in rewiring homes and our electricians are professional, tidy and respectful of your home.

There is no need to move out of your home while the rewiring is taking place. We have years of experience in rewiring both occupied and unoccupied properties and we won’t leave you with floorboards lifted or without power overnight.

We will minimise the upheaval that rewiring a house can cause, and our team of operatives cover all trades from electricians to builders and cleaners, meaning we can complete the job including plastering.  The quality of our work, alongside our speed and efficiency, is why customers choose to come to us over and over again.

What Is Involved When Rewiring A House

Prior to giving you a fixed written price for the work we will come out to view your property and discuss your individual requirements. You will then typically receive your individually tailored quote within 24-48 hours of our initial visit. Once you are happy with the detailed list of works and you’ve accepted the quote we will book the work in to suit your timescales.

The actual rewiring process involves removing all accessible old wiring and accessories and replacing with new. The process can take as little as 4 days for a 3-bedroom house, but varies according to the size and type of property.

Typically cables are recessed in walls and run under floors therefore the rewiring process will involve lifting carpets & floorboards up and drilling and chasing into the walls to reach existing wiring and install new; this includes cables that run through the ceilings.

Once wiring has been installed then all holes and chases can be plastered and lights, switches and sockets can be fitted.

Finally, the new installation is tested and certified and Building Regulation Approvals provided.

All of this work can cause disruption to the homeowner if it hasn’t been organised properly. With Allied Electrical, you can be confident that the work will be carried out quickly, efficiently to a very high standard.

What’s The Cost Of Rewiring Your House?

A full rewire for a small property such as a 1/2 bedroom flat can start from as little as £3,000 plus VAT. This includes re-plastering, refitting of carpets and cleaning, after the job is complete. The price varies according to the size and type of the house and the customer’s individual requirements. Our rewires come with a full certification and a 3-year insurance backed warranty. Call us today for a quote on 0117 303 9000.

Choosing The Correct Electrician

One of the key things to consider when deciding who to choose to rewire your home is are they of a sufficient size to undertake the work properly?

While we quote around five days to rewire the typical house, this timescale is only possible as a result of us having several electricians & apprentices working on the job at the same time.

Let’s say for example that a rewire takes a week for three electricians and an apprentice to complete. Now look at the same scenario but with a ‘one man band’, the same job for one man would in theory then take around four weeks. The reality is it would take even longer due to having to repeatedly clean up and lift and re-lay floors and carpets at the end of the day over those additional days and weeks.

We’ve taken over and finished many rewires where a single electrician has started the work only for the homeowner to lose confidence as a result of the extended time taken or the contractor goes missing (yes, it happens surprisingly often).

Rewiring FAQ's

How Long Does A Rewire Take?

This will depend on the size of the property and how accessible all of the wiring is. For an average 3 bedroom house, we would estimate around five days.

Do I Need To Remove All Of My Furniture?

We can usually cover furniture with protective sheets and work around it, but if something needs to be moved we can do this for you. In most cases we will need to lift carpet, but we always put it back as we found it, in a tidy and professional way.

Will You Need Access To My Loft Or Roof Space?

Yes, we will need to access your loft area. We can usually work around items stored there. However if the crawl space is entirely blocked, we will need to move items out temporarily. We will always discuss the logistics of a rewire job in detail with you before we begin, so you know what we will need to move.

Is A Rewire A Messy And Disruptive Job?

In all honesty yes it is. Rewiring your home is classed as major works so will create an element of mess and disruption. Carpets and floor boards will need to be lifted and walls may need to be cut into to allow us to recess the new cables and accessories. To keep mess and disruption to a minimum we’ve invested in the latest dustless cutting and chasing equipment and at the end of each day we ensure your home is left clean and tidy with lighting and power switched back on.

Will I Be Without Power For The Entire Rewire Job?

We typically start at the top of the house and work down, focusing on one circuit at a time. This way we can typically switch an individual circuit off, rewire it and have it back on the same day ensuring that you are never left without lighting and power overnight. Worried about food in the fridge/freezer? Don’t, we install temporary power to ensure your fridge/freezer is kept cool throughout the works.

What Certification Will I Receive At The End Of The Rewire?

At Allied we are NICEIC approved contractors so all of our work conforms to British Standard 7671 (The Wiring Regulations) and is Part ‘P’ compliant. All rewires come with full certification in the form of a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate, Part P Building Regulations approval and a 3-year insurance backed warranty.

How Often Should A Rewire Be Done?

We recommend a rewire if one has not been undertaken within the last 30 years, however, if you are experiencing any of the problems listed below it’s probably time to contact an expert and have your wiring assessed.

  • Intermittent lighting or power.
  • Fuses repeatedly blowing
  • Wiring or switches & sockets in poor condition or damaged.
  • Green sticky substance (the dreaded green goo!) on wiring or accessories.
  • DIY or poorly installed wiring or accessories.

If you are unsure about the condition of your electrics then call us now. Friendly professional advice is always free

Can I Rewire My Own House?

Whilst it is possible to rewire your own home, we do occasionally come across people that have tried, it is not recommended. As well as devaluing your biggest asset (your home) attempting to rewire your own home can be a source of complication and potentially dangerous thing to do if done wrong; homeowners must also consider the legal obligations that must be complied with. In some instances DIY electrical work may invalidate your home insurance. By law, all homeowners and landlords must be able to prove that all electrical installation work meets the requirement of Part P of Building Regulations, or they are committing a criminal offence.