The problem of providing our planet with energy in the long-term is a well publicised one, with rising oil prices and the finite amount available to us making the issue of finding a viable renewable alternative more pressing. At Allied Electrical we can install solar PV in Bristol for domestic as well as commercial properties that has proven to be an effective and reliable source of energy for homes and businesses up and down the UK.

We use electricity throughout our daily lives, from our kitchens to our bathrooms, and our reliance on power isn’t going to diminish. So if you’ve been considering investing in solar panels but you’re still unsure of their benefits, read on.

What is Solar PV?

If you’re a bit confused by the phrase ‘Solar PV’ then don’t worry – it is essentially just another name for solar panels. A solar PV (photovoltaic) system uses these panels to convert solar energy into DC electricity which is then fed through an inverter which turns it into usable AC electricity. Alternatively, you can feed this electricity back into the national electricity grid – and this is where you can make some money.

Save and Make Money with Solar PV

If you’ve been considering installing solar panels for your property you will probably already know about the financial savings on your electricity bills that are to be made. A well-designed solar PV system could potentially produce around half of the total electricity you’d need to power your household.

However, there are more financial benefits to take advantage of. Firstly, any unused electricity that you generate can be exported back into the grid which your energy supplier will pay for. Secondly, there are various Feed in Tariffs available from energy suppliers which will pay you for every kW/h of energy you generate – whether you use it or not. Give us a call or complete our online contact form if you have any questions regarding ways you can make money with solar PV.

Taking these factors into account, investing in solar PV really does make sense. As MCS approved installers, here at Allied Electrical we can provide you excellent solar PV systems that will last a lifetime, and protect you from the volatile nature of the fossil fuel market.