Some property owners may still be sceptical about having solar panels installed on their roof, although the positive impact they will have on your life and the potential returns you can gain should cancel out any scepticism – especially when being installed by our highly skilled and experienced team here at Allied Electrical.

Much like light bulbs and other energy saving additions, solar panels are right at the forefront of ‘green’ technology and their healthy impact on the environment that can save up to 1 tonne of CO2 per year, translates to a much healthier wallet and energy bills. This makes solar panels a sound and smart investment for anyone, not only the environmentally conscious.

The amount you can save of course varies on a number of factors, but our specially designed solar panels could potentially supply around 50% of your total electrical requirements, effectively cutting your monthly bills in half and rapidly paying the price of installation off. This staggering energy saving ability makes choosing a solar panel installation more important this year as it ever has been, with energy bills increasing around 10% or more per annum and recent reports showing that many homeowners decided to stay cold in the final months of 2011 to opt out of paying bills they just couldn’t afford. Your solar panels will have a positive impact all year round.

Aside from the energy saving impact and the returns gained, energy companies are also offering a very generous incentive for those with solar panels: the ‘Feed in Tariff’. This only applies to property owners who have had their solar panels installed by an MCS approved installer (such as ourselves here at Allied Electrical) and works by your electricity company actually paying YOU for each kiloWatt/hour of energy you generate.

The positive impact and potential returns make solar panels a choice every modern property owner should be considering, so contact us today to find out more and for a detailed site survey to decide whether they are truly for you.