An electrical supply can completely transform garages, sheds and outbuildings into functional spaces at the fraction of the cost of a home extension or conservatory.

At Allied Electrical, we can provide a safe and reliable source of electricity from your home mains supply into an exterior building, as well as installing a consumer unit and any power outlets or electrical appliances you may need. Find out more about what’s possible in our latest blog post.

Power Outlets

Power outlets (or plug sockets as they are known) are the starting point of any exterior building transformation, they ensure that you can plug in all your regular appliances to make the space functional. Common uses include:

  • Extending the reach of gardening equipment such as lawnmowers and strimmers without the need for an extension cable.
  • Turning a garage into a utility room with a washing machine, freezer and tumble dryer.
  • Installing a router to enable a Wi-Fi connection when out in the garden.
  • Creating a functional office space, perfect for those who work from home that often gets distracted inside the house.
  • Creating a chill-out room in the garage or outbuilding with a TV, fridge and whatever you like.
  • Transforming the garden shed into a workshop.

Electric Chargers

Many electric vehicle owners who have a garage are unable to keep their cars safely inside whilst charging as EV chargers are generally installed on the exterior of their homes. As charging often happens overnight,

With a power source installed, EV chargers can be safely installed within the garage, keeping the vehicle safe from theft or vandalism and reducing car insurance premiums.

It’s not just cars that will benefit from an interior charger, we recently installed an electric charger into a shed to enable the resident to charge his electric bike without needing to leave it outside.


Lighting is the final stage in transforming your outbuilding into a functional space. At Allied Electrical, we recommend super-efficient LED lighting – which holds many benefits in comparison to traditional fluorescent and halogen lighting including:

  • Improved Durability – Particularly important in regards to outbuilding as they are often subject to harsher weather conditions.
  • Cold Light – Reducing the risk of fires which is more prominent in wooden outbuildings such as sheds or summer houses.
  • Instant Power-Up
  • Longer life
  • Lower running and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy usage

What’s The Process of Getting Power To An Outbuilding?

Power supplied to your outbuilding comes directly from your mains power supply, a trench is dug to the outbuilding and a power cable (generally a steel wire armoured cable) is installed. A consumer unit is then installed to regulate and protect the circuit within the outbuilding.

Please note that supplying electricity from your house to an exterior building is something that should never be attempted without the right expertise and qualifications.

Your Friendly, Local Electrician

At Allied Electrical, we have worked with many residents in Bristol and Bath to help transform their outbuildings into a useful and functional space.

We’re Which? Trusted Traders and hold NICEIC approved contractor status, so you can be sure that any work carried out meets the relevant regulations and safety standards.

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